Mumbai Mumbai is a huge city. One of the world’s largest by pretty much any measure. It’s also not very approachable, and requires a complete reworking of western sensibilities when it comes to navigating and getting around. Taxis are dirt cheap and the best way to get around the city, but you’ll also get taken … More India


The Maldives wasn’t really the first country on our radar, but it certainly made an impression on us during our visit. The tiny atoll nation of almost 400,000 in the Indian Ocean definitely left us enamored. Made up of around 1200 islands over 26 atolls in total, nearly half the population of the country lives on the … More Maldives

Our Plans

Hi there, welcome to our blog. Sitting here in Finland, we’re preparing to leave on somewhat grand adventures startlingly soon. In fact, we’re waving goodbye to Finland on May 18th, less than two weeks from now. The depth of this situation only truly hit minutes ago, as we sold my piano, the first of many of … More Our Plans