China: Zhangjiajie and Shanghai

We arrived for our third time in China with little fanfare. Our bus from Hong Kong arrived in Guangzhou, China’s third-largest city. We had several hours to kill in Guangzhou as we waited for our night train to Zhangjiajie, in the Hunan province, so we got some noodles and coffee and walked around a bit. … More China: Zhangjiajie and Shanghai

Hong Kong and Macau

We were greeted by -27°c weather in Novosibirsk, where our layover towards Hong Kong was. We braved the bitter cold from the plane to the gate with only our modest sweatshirts, which were sufficient for the relative balmy climes of Osh. The layover was unspectacular, and the end of our second leg saw us in … More Hong Kong and Macau


The Uzbek border was about 45 minutes of bureaucracy and waiting. Not as bad as other experiences we have heard, but certainly tougher than any other country so far. After staring at our passports for a good five minutes, the first man stamped our passports, unsmilingly, and we proceeded into a room with a dozen … More Uzbekistan