Our flight back to Almaty was uneventful. We landed in the evening and made our way to our hostel with the shoddy directions given. They said to take bus 92 to Sayakhat and then transfer to the 141, but no details were given about where exactly the 141 stopped, so we wandered around in the … More Kazakhstan


The West We rolled into Shaki in a half-full marshrutka. The town was quite lovely from the get-go, and felt very “Georgian”, with the rolling green foothills of the lower Caucasus in the background. A dozen or so taxi drivers stood milling around the bus station waiting for incoming fares, with no advanced booking we … More Azerbaijan


Svaneti The trip from Zugdidi to Mestia was largely uneventful. The Russian girls we were sharing the car with had pitched in on a bit of a sightseeing tour, for five lari extra, so we were obliged to pay that as well. The sightseeing portion was fairly interesting, and we stopped off at the Enguri … More Georgia


We took the night train from Tbilisi to Zugdidi as our first step in getting to Abkhazia. Well, our first step was actually sending our clearance applications to some random Russian email address, in response to which we received our clearance letters (about a week later) to be printed and shown at the border. Zugdidi … More Abkhazia

Mongolia: Gobi Desert

Day 1: Our trip began with our introduction to Bagii, the driver we had hired to take us around the Gobi desert for a week. He came by the guest house in the morning to pick us up and his few-toothed grin and enthusiastic hand-shaking suggested that we’d have a fine time with him, despite the … More Mongolia: Gobi Desert