Our Plans

Hi there, welcome to our blog.

Sitting here in Finland, we’re preparing to leave on somewhat grand adventures startlingly soon. In fact, we’re waving goodbye to Finland on May 18th, less than two weeks from now. The depth of this situation only truly hit minutes ago, as we sold my piano, the first of many of our things we’ll be getting rid of.

It’s a bit unfortunate that our departure coincides with the beginning of nice weather in Helsinki. The summer time here is really quite beautiful. Nevertheless, now is not the time to get sentimental.

Oona and I have talked about traveling for much of our time together, and we’ve already traveled to a lot more places than most year-old couples, I’d imagine. I’m almost done with school, and we’re not getting any younger, so we decided that now was the time to pick up and travel.

Later this month, we fly to Malé, the capital of the Maldives, the country that will host us for the following nine or so days. From there, we fly to Mumbai, where we will be for a month or so until I’m done with this one, final work project. After that project is finished, we’ll both be officially unemployed; although perhaps professional travelers would be a better identity for us. From Mumbai we’ll travel over land to Mongolia via Nepal and Tibet. Mongolia will be our home for the following five or so months, where I’ll carry out the field work portion of my schooling from the University of Helsinki. After that’s done, we’ll have truly zero responsibilities but to explore to our hearts’ content. Not much beyond Mongolia is officially planned yet, but you can count on updates here as our plans take shape.

Catch us at the border we got visas in our names

We will try to post a blog update at least once a month, but for updates of a pithier nature, keep an eye on our Instagram and Flickr pages, where we’ll be posting some of our photos. You can also see our track on a map on the Our Trip So Far page.

One thought on “Our Plans

  1. Congratulations and bon voyage, in many ways. I will love to read about your adventures here, thanks for the invite. And great name too, ’cause right place is wherever you two are together. Just looking at those exotic visas makes me twitchy to be doing the same!! But for the moment NM will have to do, and it’s a damn not bad to have to make do with. (figure that grammer out!)

    Best of luck on the eve of your sojourn. The world’s a gigantic banquet, so go and feast!
    anty k8


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