New Zealand

North Island The flight from Fiji to Auckland was quite challenging, as there was some fairly extreme weather happening in New Zealand at the time. The flight was fraught with quite serious turbulence, but we eventually landed safely. Customs on the New Zealand side was quite strict as well, and our hiking boots and tent … More New Zealand


Nadi We eventually touched down on a stretch of land in the azure seas, some three hours after we left Samoa. The land was not what one thinks of when one thinks of Fiji, as much it was industrialized and paved over with tarmac. This was Nadi, on the largest island of Fiji, Viti Levu, … More Fiji


We arrived in Samoa having skipped Friday. We left Hawaii on the six hour flight at 1:30am Friday morning and arrived in Samoa at 7:30am Saturday morning. No doubt a result of crossing the date line again. After touching down, we and several others destined for Samoa (the flight continued on to Fiji) made our … More Samoa

USA: Hawaii

Oahu The weather was tropical, as to be expected when we arrived, however, it was immediately evident that we were back in the US with the underfunded public transport. The bus finally arrived after 40 or so minutes, and we made our way –stopping every block– into Honolulu. We booked a hostel in the epicenter … More USA: Hawaii

Japan: Tokyo

We arrived in the outskirts of Tokyo after our long trip from Sendai. We made our way to our hostel in Asakusa via a long, cross city subway ride, got a couple beers, and called it a day. We spent our second day walking, quite a bit, around town. Our first stop was the Buddhist … More Japan: Tokyo

Japan: The North

We arrived on Japan’s frigid northern island, Hokkaido, at a pretty reasonable hour due to our miserably early flight out of Osaka. Upon landing at the New Chitose airport we made our way to Sapporo, the island’s largest city and the capital of the prefecture, some 30km north. There was a good meter and a … More Japan: The North

Japan: The South

We arrived in Fukuoka with about eight hours until our flight to Okinawa was leaving. You’ll see that we have several more flights inside Japan booked, again as a result of the extreme costs of sea travel here. Flying to Okinawa and back was a small fraction of the cost of a ferry, so we … More Japan: The South