Cuba: Havana

Our trip to Havana could be seen as a bit of an interlude. Not entirely Caribbean, like our exploits in the Lesser Antilles of weeks prior, nor entirely Central American, like our upcoming trip to Mexico. Instead, it stood as an icon of its own in the Caribbean Sea, between our origin and our destination, … More Cuba: Havana

Lesser Antilles

Martinique We were certainly on the road again. After our three month stint in Utila it was starting to feel like home. The totally botched passage from there to Martinique solidified the fact that we were still very much traveling. At this point, however, we have transitioned from the rough-around-the-edges backpackers that we were to … More Lesser Antilles

Honduras: Utila

Honduras isn’t the type of place that most tourists visit. It, more than most other places in Central America, is quite dangerous, with several of its cities coming with the dubious tag of “murder capital of the world” for some recent year. Utila, a bay island off the gulf coast of Honduras, is not like … More Honduras: Utila


Hanoi Hanoi is a city that’s absolutely teeming with life. It was evident as soon as we began to make our way from the airport. By the time we finally made it to the old quarter, there was hardly an inch to walk where there was not another person, scooter, cat, dog, rat, or small … More Vietnam