USA: Seattle and the Southwest

We’ve reached the point in our trip where things are palpably winding down. We no longer have plans to visit several new countries in the next week or so. We’ve spent nearly the last month relaxing in various parts of the US, catching up with Ian’s family and handling plans of upcoming grandeur (like our wedding, for example).

This post will be short, mostly because nothing really exciting happened in that time, but also because we were just really not feeling like writing about or otherwise documenting the experience.

Rhumtastic voyage.

We had a great time in Seattle hanging out with friends and family and going to the bars and restaurants we’ve become accustomed to visiting while there. We took maybe two pictures the whole time we were there, so photographic evidence of our time there will be limited. The very-much-hyped eclipse happened while we were in Seattle, which was said to be within the more than 90% total band, but just outside the path of full totality (which was a bit south, in Oregon). While it was still very bright to look at directly, one could make out the shape with quick glances through two pairs of sunglasses. The high angle coupled with the partial eclipse definitely resulted in an eery sort of mid-day darkness enveloping the city though.

Still pretty bright.
We tried to get donuts, but were sorely disappointed.

We moved on to Denver after that to spend some more time with family and generally just hang out. We took a road trip down to northern New Mexico to visit yet more family and eat delicious New Mexican cuisine. We were in Denver for a few more days after New Mexico, and met up with David of the oft-met-up-with traveler friends Sara and David, whom we originally met in Hsipaw, followed by several other times in Myanmar and again in Vietnam. We were invited to a barbecue at his friend’s place near South Broadway and thoroughly enjoyed our time.

On the way back to Colorado.
Some of Colorado’s famous (and huge) liquor stores.


We drove through the inspiration for South Park, now called Fairplay, CO.


Bishop’s Castle, quite like Edward Scissorhands, if you ask us.


The Land of Enchantment.

Our next international stop was the little island of Utila just off the gulf coast of Honduras. Our original flights through Houston were canceled due to the effects of hurricane Harvey, so we ended up going through Miami instead. We had one night in Miami and got some pretty decent cubanos at the classic Cafe Versailles when we got in just before midnight. The following morning we took off towards La Ceiba via a brief yet passport-stamped layover in Grand Cayman. The airport there has no facilities for transit passengers, so even if you’re just changing planes you need to leave the terminal and come back through immigration and security. So now we have passport stamps from the Cayman Islands even though we can hardly say we’ve been there.

Southern Cuba from the air.

Why Utila, you may be wondering? Well, there’s some world class diving here, and Oona will be taking her dive master and instructor training at a dive center here on the island. With that said, we’ll be here for the next four-or-so months. With that said, you can expect to see far fewer blog posts over the next few months, maybe just a few covering our experience so far or any side trips we take from the island. We do plan to do a bit more traveling in the region once the training is complete, but we’ll see how those plans manifest.

The dock at Utila Dive Center.

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